Tuesday, November 17, 2009

To Be, Or Not To Be...

Hello all. So I started another blog. Some of you may remember me as S2k, former admin of the old StoneSour.tk/StoneSourBoard.com/StoneSourNews.com. I've changed my internet persona since then to something much more fitting and universal. WindBreak247. Any of you who know me can probably figure out a couple different reasons why.

So we kinda had a hand in getting the Stone Sour thing off the ground thanks to a handfull of committed fans (plus the 10,000 that ended up coming along) and 5 kind, humble band members that threw us a bone, but eventually we lost our momentum and we regrettably laid the sites to rest earlier this year after 8?...9?...a LOT of great years. Lo & behold, shortly after that, Corey started another really damn good band, and I thought why not move on and begin to champion the JBKB cause. Problem is, back in the SSB days, ol' Gideon (NR9) was the web developer, and I was just the knucklehead college student in Central Iowa with tons of time on my hands and a few contacts in the scene & on the web. Fast forward to 2009, and a few things have changed. Now blogs and social media are all the rage, messageboards are an aging fad, and you can build a blog to be anything you need it to be, so I think I can make this work. The problem is that I don't have the time on my hands these days, and I'm not nearly as well connected, although I still have a few of the great friends I made back in the day.

All that said, if I can find the time, I'd like to pull together a stream of consciousness on the band. Part news, part perspective, part interaction, and hopefully one of the most dependable places on the web for JBKB news and insight.

...if I have the time.

But I fired up the blog, I got my first post up, and once I get a little design done I've got around a dozen things already that I can backfill to get up to speed, plus some material of my own that I've been waiting to debut to the web. And who knows, the Junk Beer Kidnap Band could just be a summer of 2009 way for Corey to feel out the rock music fan base on his solo tunes, but based on what I can tell, and if I know Corey, I have a feeling this ensemble will not go away.

So please check back, follow me on your RSS reader, or whatever works best for you, and I'll see if I can get this thing off the ground and keep it rolling. The guys in JBKB deserve it, I just hope I can do them justice.

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